Wordcraft is a HTML based word adventure game my team created as a class project. The game itself takes the form of classic word search game inside a sci-fi story environment where players need to find important componenets (words) to form useful items to get out of the dilemma they face.

My team created a dataset to auto generate words that will be used in each level and forming recipes that players need to fulfill. The model is also trained to filter words that fit in the overall environment and storyline. The game level was designed to start easy and get progessively more challenging by having higher percentage of creatable items hinted in the word searchers, and less items to create overall.

I was responsible for creating UI design, illustration and visual assets for the game. I designed overall style in pixel with a purple tint in color because I wanted to create a relaxing gaming environment with cool color tone yet players can feel the contract between pixelation and high tech story background.

Thanks for checking out my work.

Check out My Resume here, and please feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat!
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