Hi, there! I’m Yunfei.

A UX Designer and Visual Artist
And also ...

# Cat Person
# Digital Painter
# Photographer
# Traveler
# Game Lover
Cat oneMeCat two
NCR kiosk
#Accessibility Design, UX Research, UX Design
New interaction method for better user experience of NCR food ordering interactive kiosk for wheelchair users.
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#UX Research, UX Design
A mobile app that helps manage all aspects of a household efficiently and delightfully
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#Illustration, UI Design
UI Design and Illustration project for a HTML based work adventure game.
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Design Case Study
#UX Research, UX Design
A mentorship exploration, connection and development app design for students in college.
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Thanks for checking out my work.

Check out My Resume here, and please feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat!
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