I’m Yunfei Wang, a UX designer and visual artist from Shanghai who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. I graduated with a BA in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts from University of Washington. For undergrad degree, I practiced artistic skills range from ceramics, painting, printmaking, to video editing, and digital imaging. Now, I’m pursuing a master degree at Georgia Institute of Technology in Human Computer Interaction. I consider myself an artist, a photographer, a designer and a traveler, who seeks out for new discovery and adventures. Also I always chase after inspiration and ideas coming from nature, culture and people, and then strives to turn them into reality.


I have explored through various classic art forms including ceramics, oil painting, printmaking during my undergrad study. I continued onto learn and practice digital painting and color studies by reproducing artworks from some artists I admire to build up my own style.


Photography is one of the ways I enjoy the nature, artworks from others, architecture, culture, or other people. Photographs are also the media where capture and express my feelings during my exploration around the world and be able to tell those stories to others without words.


I just love my cats!!
Thanks for checking out my work.

Check out My Resume here, and please feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat!
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